The world’s largest and most exotic continent. No matter what you’re looking for in a travel experience, you’ll find it here! Variety, contrast, fabulous food, relaxation, ancient wonders and sacred places – your biggest problem with a trip to Asia is to decide where to go and how long to stay. You can visit 3 or 4 countries on a guided tour but we recommend you visit just one country at a time and get to know it well.

Where to go: China for Shanghai, Beijing, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, a luxury cruise on the Yangtze River, the world famous Terracotta Army and Entombed Warriors in Xian. Not to mention the world’s best bargain shopping in Guangzhou, with the best way to see all China has to offer is on an escorted tour.

Great Wall of China
Taj Mahal

Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, offer both old and new, progressive global hubs of fashion, culture and business, alongside ancient traditions, temples and customs. Towering skyscrapers look down upon old wooden houses. Hong Kong and Tokyo boast some of the most unique and exciting dining experiences the world over. Tokyo has held the record for the most Michelin starred restaurants within a city throughout the world, beating even Paris.

Then there are South East Asia’s gentle smiling people. Don’t miss: Siem Reap, Mekong Delta and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Halong Bay in Vietnam, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Hau Hin in Thailand. See orangutans, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants in Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia.

India – why go? Without question, India is the most engaging, colourful, chaotic, spiritual and life-affirming country in the world. It is an assault on the senses – all of them, nearly all of the time. Not to be missed is the northern province of Rajasthan. Explore the grisly history of massive forts and marvel at the opulence and splendour of Maharajahs’ palaces. Where to go: New Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ranthambhore National Park for a bit of tiger spotting, Agra to wonder at the Taj Mahal and Varanasi with its long string of bathing ghats, which line the west bank of the Ganges. Southern India is a different place and works at a different pace with its enormous beaches, waterfalls, forests, lakes and backwaters. Famous cities are Hyderabad, Mysore, Bangalore and Chenni to name a few. India is so large and diverse it takes more than one visit to enjoy and experience the beauty and diversity.

The spas and villas of Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud and Tabanan in Bali are perfect hideaways for your honeymoon, family holiday or even a wedding or private party. A luxury beach escape – the Australian dollar buys us a lot in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, all great value places to holiday. The freshness and flavour of Asian food is world famous, so why not attend a cooking school? Or if it’s adventure you’re looking for it’s all here – there are camel and elephant treks, kayaking and yachting adventures, cycling and walking tours, climbing and trekking expeditions. Call us to plan your Asian adventure or perfect ‘flop and drop’ holiday.

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